Parent-Infant Guidance Class

RIE® Certified Parent-Infant Guidance classes encourage babies to be attentive, active, exploring and aware of self and others. Designed to encourage children to become authentic and responsible from an early age, Parent-Infant Guidance classes help parents to be confident in their supportive role towards this great discovery.

Facilitated by a RIE Associate, small groups of parents and babies come together in a relaxing, infant-friendly environment to take pleasure in the infants’ unfolding development and play.

Groups are on-going and designed to remain together until the children are two-years-old. Classes are limited to eight infants and their parents. Whenever possible, infants are grouped according to their stages of motor development.

Registration at a RIE-Certified Center

*In person classes are temporarily suspended, please see our ONLINE OFFERINGS.

To find out more information or to register for classes in either our Hollywood or Pasadena Location, please visit our Parent-Infant Guidance Class website or

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If you would like to learn more about RIE and find out what a Parent-Infant Guidance class is like, please come to one of our biweekly orientation workshops and learn about the benefits of the RIE Approach for you and your baby.

Orientations are held online every Tuesday afternoon, Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. Register for an orientation now!

RIE Around the World

Associates all over the world offer Parent Infant Guidance classes. Please contact the associate in your area to learn more about class offerings.