Upcoming Foundations Courses

Our 60-hour professional development course is offered at our Los Angeles based RIE Center and routinely offered throughout the world. It is designed to enhance the skills and competencies of parents, and professionals who work in the field of infant care, teach in a college environment, work with parents, or train students in infant care and development. Each student is mentored according to his or her goals. Upon successful completion of all training requirements, participants will receive a letter of completion or letter of attendance. The tuition for the course includes a one-year basic RIE membership. The cost of the course starts at $1295. One class (or 3 hours) is allowed as an excused absence.

While the Foundations course, is open to anyone with interest, the practicum and internship portions of the training are reserved for people that particularly wish to become RIE Associates based on an open and reflective nomination process.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please email us at foundations@rie.org. If you are interested in attending a Foundations course and are ready to sign up, please complete the below registration form.

RIE Foundations: Theory and Observation™

In RIE’s professional development program, participants learn to implement Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach through, lectures, reflections, videos, discussions, observations and readings.

This course provides an overview of the following:

  • gross motor
  • fine motor
  • social-emotional development of the infant
  • designing the environment
  • The art of observation
  • Parents’ and infants’ needs, expectations, and learning appropriate “curriculum” for infants and toddlers

RIE Practicum™

After completion of the RIE Foundations course, students are eligible for consideration for the Practicum portion of the training.

RIE Internship: Supervised Teaching and Evaluation™

Upon completion of the RIE Practicum™, students are eligible for consideration for the RIE Internship where students assist in preparing and teaching a minimum of three RIE Foundations courses. Successful completion results in a RIE Certificate, eligibility to join the Alliance of RIE Associates and teach accredited RIE classes.