2014 RIE® Conference DVD



The theme of the 2014 RIE® Conference was Magda Gerber’s Legacy: Affirming the Educaring®Approach in a Digital World.

This RIE® Conference DVD features keynote speaker Dimitri A. Christakis, MD MPH and RIE® Associate presenters Alexandra Curtis Boyer, Ruth Anne Hammond, Janet Lansbury, Elizabeth Memel and Patricia Ryan, as well as introductions by Deborah Carlisle Solomon and Polly Elam.

Of Mice and Children: How early environment affects social, emotional, and cognitive development
Dimitri A. Christakis, MD MPH
Dr. Christakis reviews how early child experiences from interactive play to media affects children’s brain development and behavior.

Reading Baby’s Subtle Cues: How breastfeeding and milk flow regulation show baby’s competence
Alexandra Curtis Boyer and Elizabeth Currier
Newborns begin to interact with their environment, and can actually take action to make changes in behaviors with regard to regulating the milk flow while nursing. Many breastfeeding and prenatal classes advise moms on the optimal latch; optimal in regards to positioning baby for maximum flow. But, as Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach teaches us, blanket approaches to anything having to do with babies is seldom the best solution.

Meeting Ancient Needs in Modern Times: Model of the environment of evolutionary adaptedness and the Educaring® Approach
Ruth Anne Hammond, M.A. and Patty Ryan
Utilizing the work of Magda Gerber, John Bowlby and Allan Schore, we will discover that babies now need the same things they needed in pre-industrial, pre-agricultural, even pre-historic times. The future, as Magda said, may be unknown but we do know what babies need if they are to have the qualities that will prepare them for full human engagement in their world.

RIE® Roundtable Q&A
Deborah Carlisle Solomon, Alexandra Curtis Boyer, Ruth Anne Hammond, Janet Lansbury, Elizabeth Memel