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RIE® classes are designed to help parents raise authentic and self-confident children. Weekly 90-minute classes, led by a RIE® Facilitator, allow parents to learn and practice basic RIE® techniques in a relaxing, infant-friendly, small group environment.

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Play with Peers

The core of RIE®  is respecting children, based on Magda Gerber’s Educaring® approach. Taking the time to explain our actions, being slow and deliberate in our movements shows our respect and helps infants feel secure.

Allowing children to move freely and naturally lets them develop gross and fine motor skills. RIE® classrooms provide many types of physical and cognitive challenges for infants and toddlers to explore.

Even young children can often resolve conflict on their own. RIE® Facilitators model how to observe while allowing children to interact naturally, and when and how to engage to ensure children learn to respect each other.


These are just some of the many topics covered during RIE® Parent-Infant Guidance™ Classes. Over the course of approximately 12-18 months, RIE® Facilitators lead the group in discussions relevant to the current age of the children.   Click here to learn more.

RIE’s Founder

Magda Gerber

Learn about RIE®‘s Founding Director, Magda Gerber

Written by Ruth Anne Hammond, M.A., and Deborah Greenwald, M.A., RIE® Associates

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