The RIE® Manual for Parents and Professionals – Expanded Edition


This collection of papers describes a special way of seeing and caring for infants. It is of value to all people concerned with infant care, including parents, infant carers, educators, physicians, therapists, those who implement day care programs, as well as those who advise or consult with parents.


The original RIE® Manual is a collection of papers written by Magda Gerber, Dr. Emmi Pikler and staff of the Pikler Institute. The RIE® Manual Expanded Edition, published in 2013, contains Magda Gerber’s original RIE® Manual in its entirety, and has over 90 pages of new material that cover key topics such as:

  • How the Educaring® Approach relates to current neuroscience
  • Supporting competence in a child with special needs
  • Sharing the Educaring® Approach with adults
  • Examining RIE® environments
  • Observing and facilitating play